The Situation

Randalls Supermarkets had four locations in Houston and they had been using the slogan, "Discount Supermarkets...Save up to 20%.

Research Results

Our MediaMax survey revealed that the existing customer base thought that Randalls' existing advertising slogan was "not true and irrelevant"

They loved the store, the people, the cleanliness of the store, fresh produce, fast checkout...basically they loved everything about the operation, but they believed that Randalls prices were really higher, not lower than other stores!

The Plan

We created a new image for the store of being "REMARKABLE." No mention was made of prices, but the radio and television campaign positioned Remarkable Randalls as the supermarket that had cleaner stores, friendlier people, faster checkout, and fresher produce by using real customers' comments within a jingle.

The Results

Randalls sales began increasing at a rate of 20% to 25% every six months. At the end of a seven year period, Randalls enjoyed the position of having the highest sales per square foot of any grocery chain in the U.S.

The campaign was voted as the "Best Supermarket Advertising Campaign of the Last 10 Years" by Supermarket News Magazine!

Over the 17 years that we directed Randalls advertising, sales increased by 5,833% overall and the number of Randalls locations grew from 4 to 37.